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The practice was developed by a Japanese scholar, Mikao Usui. He gave it the name of “Reiki" by which it is now known worldwide and described the practice, thus:.

"The secret method of inviting blessings, the spiritual medicine of many illnesses"

At the heart of the practice is Reiki treatment, a non-invasive, vibrational hands-on healing practice that can be applied to yourself or others to promote well-being on all levels – mind body and spirit.

Professional Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatment is conducted while you lay on a treatment table fully clothed. The practitioner’s hands rest lightly on the body of the client, in a traditionally taught pattern of hand positions. A typical treatment is 60mins to 90mins in duration, though children’s treatments may be shorter.

Clients frequently report feeling a sense of deep relaxation during treatment. Anecdotal evidence of long term benefits, such as: improved mood, reduced anxiety and pain, increased vitality, and a sense of being more balanced, are now emerging in studies on the effects of Reiki treatment.

What can Reiki treatment help?:

  • Chronic conditions – The ideal regime is treatment on 4 consecutive days, followed by regular treatments. However, this is often not possible, so regular treatments are arranged to suit.
  • Acute injury or surgery - it is advisable to have Reiki treatment as soon as possible to assist quick recovery.
  • Self care and wellness – Reiki treatment can be incorporated into your regular self-care routine, or can be a treat to support your own wellbeing.

Reiki Classes

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki (also called The Usui System of Reiki Healing) is the practice that was first brought to the west from Japan in 1937, and is carried through the lineage and teachings of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata and Phyllis Lei Furumoto . Students who learn Reiki with us are directly connected to this lineage.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is taught in three stages:

First level or Reiki I is the beginning level of this spiritual practice and healing art. Once initiated and trained in this level you will have the light of Reiki for the rest of your life. This is the only level of training that most people undertake in order to enjoy the permanent and ongoing benefits of Reiki.

Second level or Reiki II is for people who have been using Reiki in their lives and are drawn, for whatever reason, to go deeper into the practice, or who want to explore the increased capacity of the Reiki method taught at this level. Many Reiki II students report greater self insight, a sense of becoming more who they are, and a feeling of greater personal empowerment from which flows happiness.

Reiki master initiation and training is for students of the practice who feel an inner calling to teach this spiritual practice and healing art to others. This level of training is available, upon application, to students who have already trained to Reiki level II, and who have been using Reiki in their lives for some time (usually years). The Reiki master candidate receives personal mentoring and undergoes further preparation ahead of their initiation as a Reiki master. At this time they are taught the sacred methods to initiate others into the path of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

What can you expect from learning Reiki with us?

You will learn from the direct wisdom and experience of Reiki masters who have had Reiki in their lives for 29 years and 24 years respectively, and who have been teaching Reiki classes since 1996.

Beyond their initial training as Reiki masters, Wendy Watson and Sharron Mackison continued to deepen their understanding of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, through practice, through buildng relationships with other Reiki masters, and through organising and participating in Reiki events presented by experienced masters. This led to the opportunity to learn directly from Phyllis Lei Furumoto, the current lineage bearer and grand-daughter of Hawayo Takata, who in 1937 introduced Reiki to the western world.

In addition to their extensive personal and teaching experience, both Wendy Watson and Sharron Mackison have each provided more than 10,000 public Reiki treatments to diverse clients in a variety of settings, including clinic, hospital, hospice, aged care facilities,home visits and at sports events. They have treated people whose needs for Reiki support range from general wellness, pregnancy, children’s complaints, acute and chronic illness, injury, drug and alcohol withdrawal, mental health, chronic and life-challenging illness and end-of-life support.

You will receive traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki training and initiation, with time to practice what you have learned, and to ask questions, so that you can be confident to use Reiki in your day-to-day life.

First level Reiki students receive
• initiation in direct lineage to Mikao Usui
• principles of Mikao Usui
• training in the full foundation practice
• history of Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage and practice
• demonstration and practice of Reiki self-treatment
• demonstration and practice of how to give Reiki to others
• applications of Reiki in everyday life
• Reiki experience through sharing treatments with other students in the class

Second level Reiki students receive
• tools to go deeper into practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki
• further initiation in direct lineage to Mikao Usui
• training and practice in the sacred methods of Mikao Usui for

  • increased power for transference of the Reiki energy
  • sending distance healing
  • conducting mental treatments

Second level training is available to students who have practiced First level and now want to go deeper into their Reiki practice. This level further opens the student’s awareness to the limitless nature and application of Reiki. During the training you will give and receive Reiki level II treatments.

Why invite Reiki into your life?

Is it the Healing aspect of Reiki that appeals to you? Do you seek to help yourself and your family? Maybe you want to improve energy levels, or balance the mood, or to calm anxiety and distress, or recover from addiction or support healing from a medical condition.

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive hands-on healing method that is suitable everyone, from babies to the elderly. Reiki can be used alone, or in addition to orthodox and complementary medicine. But you don’t have to be unwell in order to receive benefit! Reiki is a wonderful way to support your wellbeing, everyday.

Are you looking for a way to support your Personal development with Reiki? Many students report a growing sense of inner empowerment and capacity to adapt to life’s challenges. They can also notice the shedding of unhelpful habits of thought and behaviour, and the emergence of a stronger sense of self.

Do you you desire the nourishment of a Spiritual discipline, and personal practice that can be easily incorporated into your daily life? Students who continue Reiki self treatment practice commonly find that they experience comfort, gratitude, insight, enrichment and self mastery from this simple day to day practice of Reiki.

Regardless of your starting place, all these aspects develop naturally with Reiki.

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