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Wellspring Clinic

Wellspring Clinic

Wellspring Clinic offers confidential, professional services provided by practitioners with extensive clinical experience who maintain ongoing professional education and development.


Wendy Watson and Sharron Mackison operated a busy practice in the CBD of Chatswood on Sydney’s northshore for over 15 years, before relocating to the Caboolture area, a move that was prompted by the progressive drift of their respective family members to south east Queensland.

With them they bring a wealth of professional knowledge, diverse clinical experience and an integrated, personalised approach to client healing.

Reiki Treatment & Classes

Wendy and Sharron offer Reiki as a stand alone therapy for clients seeking healing and incorporate Reiki into client’s treatment programs where appropriate. They have extensive clinical experience and provide Reiki treatment support for people with cancer and other challenging illnesses and conditions.

Reiki has been of benefit to:

  • Sports men and women
  • Pregnant mothers
  • Children with learning disorders
  • Chronic Fatigue sufferers
  • People experiencing emotional overwhelm
  • Sufferers of Depression and Anxiety
  • People undergoing medical treatment and surgery

A Reiki treatment is often experienced as soothing, healing; commonly reducing pain and anxiety whilst improving vitality and mood.

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Sharron Mackison

Qualifications: Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dip. Counselling, Cert Professional Supervision, Reiki Master
Experience: 19 Years
Availability: Business Hours Monday - Friday. After Hours by Appt
Associations: ASCH, ACA, RA

Psychotherapy Services

Counselling for personal issues
Relationship Counselling
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Neurolinguistic Programming
Neuro-Relationship Therapy
Time-Based Therapy
Systemic Family Constellations

Format: Face-to-Face. Telephone and Skype available by arrangement
Sharron is a registered counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist.

Health fund rebates available for some services depending on your fund.

Professional Services

Professional Supervision
Professional Supervision for Health and Community Service workers, Counsellors and other Psychotherapists, HR Managers, Teachers, Financial Counsellors and other Human Services workers. Workers employeed by NGOs.

Formats: Face-to-Face, Telephone, Skype

Counselling for your employees
Personal counselling services for your employees where the employer assists by paying for all or part of the service. The counselling may be provided for workplace issues or events, or may be counseling for personal issues, as these can impact the worker’s workplace performance and safety.

Personal/professional development for business owners

  • counselling for any issues that impact your work performance
  • professional development to help you overcome barriers, such as confidence issues, public speaking jitters etc, so that you can move to the next level
  • professional consultation about interpersonal issues with staff/colleagues/clients, and for resolution of moral/ethical dilemmas

Format: Face-to-Face, Telephone, Skype

Sharron is accredited by ACA , and ASCH as an approved professional supervisor. She is the principal assessor for the Diploma in Counselling Supervision (Montere e-College)

Professional services are tax deductible

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Wendy Watson

Qualifications: BSc, Dip Ed, Dip Hom, Dip Mass
Experience: 20 years
Availability: Business Hours Monday - Friday. After Hours by Appt
Associations: ATMS, RA


Wendy Watson is a specialist homoeopath with a background in science and pathology.
Wendy entered the field of natural medicine in 1985 and studied Naturopathy, Massage and Reiki, and further specialised in Homoeopathic Medicine. Wendy is a graduate of Nature Care College and The Australian Institute of Homoeopathy and after graduating established the Help Street Healing Center and subsequently The Wellspring Clinic in Chatswood on Sydney’s north shore.

Animal Health Care

Help is at hand for pets struggling with injuries, poisoning, eczema, arthritis and other health conditions. Wendy Watson treats furry family members naturally with homSopathy, phytomedicine, Flower Essences and Reiki. Even some behavioural problems rooted in fear and anxiety can be relieved. Stock, sport and working animals can also be treated. Home visits available depending on location. Please enquire.