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How can it help me?

Counselling can help you resolve:

  • anxiety, worry
  • mild to moderate depression
  • grief
  • anger and resentment
  • personal issues like self esteem, and self confidence
  • long-standing unwanted patterns
  • adapting to stages of life
  • managing impact of Fly In Fly Out ( FIFO) work
  • relationship issues with partners (or ex-partners), children, parents, even if the other person doesn’t attend sessions
  • relationship counselling, where both/all parties are willing to attend
  • coping with the impact of sudden changes and challenges, such as separation, divorce, changes in family circumstances


Counsellor based in Caboolture. Conversations that make a difference – support and guidance to help you navigate life’s challenges

Counselling helps people who are struggling with life’s challenges, to find their balance and see a path forward when they are faced with difficulties. Whether you just need to talk things through, or you need help to change , Sharron can find the best approach to help you move forward. Sharron’s clients commonly report feeling more comfortable in a relatively brief time-frame.

Sharron Mackison is a counsellor who brings additional skills and experience from the therapeutic frameworks of clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and systemic family constellations. This multi-faceted, solution-based approach provides powerful resources that Sharron uses to help her clients resolve their issues in a relatively brief time-frame, usually in 6 sessions or less. That said, support can certainly be provided for clients over a longer term where the impact of complex and long-standing issues require disentanglement and resolution.

Is counselling an alternative to medication?
Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications are prescribed by a doctor to manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and in some cases they can save lives. However, effective counselling can provide benefits that medication can not.

Counselling isn’t just about talking things through in a non-judgemental environment, even though that’s an important aspect of treatment. Counselling can help you explore new perspectives, and learn new skills, such as

  • effective thinking skills that reduce anxiety and depression
  • helpful strategies for achieving goals
  • easy ways to calm yourself down
  • better relationship skills
  • resolution of family patterns that may be limiting you

Effective counselling can provide these outcomes, with the result that symptoms of depression and anxiety often reduce, and frequently vanish.

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Telephone / Skype Counselling – Wherever you are Sharron has many years experience in providing counselling to people via telephone.

Telephone counselling is a useful solution that can be professionally delivered in your paddock, your kitchen, your office or any private place. You only need a telephone, or skype, and privacy for the scheduled session.

Family Constellations

Have you tried Counselling and other psychotherapies to deal with your problem, but never achieved the change you’d hoped for?
Then its quite likely that Family Constellation work will help you. Some of the problems we experience are carried through generations of your Family System, not only causing you pain and suffering, but blocking the love and energy of your ancestors from flowing to you.

The impact of certain events, like terrible tragedies, like accidents and wars, parents lost at an early age, adoption, stillbirth, childhood death, ill-gotten gain, suicide, murder and other events occuring at any time in your family, are carried forward. They show themselves as the problems of the individual, but the healing lies in revealing and resolving wounds in the family system. Family Constellations are an effective and life changing way to do this.

Professional Supervision

Sharron is a qualified professional supervisor, and is nationally accredited by ACA, ASCH and AHA to provide this tax-deductible service. Professional supervision is a confidential service that supports your professional growth by assisting you to effectively reflect upon, and resolve work-based interpersonal relationships, work-life balance issues, and ethical/moral dilemmas. It can be an especially valuable tool for private health practitioners and community service workers, at all levels, to debrief issues arising in the workplace. Professional supervision with an external supervisor can also avoid conflicts of interest that might arise with a workplace supervisor.

Who can benefit from professional supervision?

Anyone who is in a helping, or managing role with other people can benefit from professional supervision, such as:

  • counsellors and other psychotherapists, whether in private practice, Government agency or NGO
  • HR managers
  • teachers
  • health and allied professional
  • business owners and managers

This service can be delivered by personal consultation, or vi telephone or skype.

To find out whether professional supervision can assist you, please call 07 5497 4610

A brief introduction

Registered Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Family Constellations Facilitator, Professional Supervisor, Reiki Master, Reiki practitioner.
Membership: Australian Counselling Association, Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists, Reiki Australia
21 years Clinical experience